This past Saturday, Future Galerie hosted a preview of their forthcoming immersive digital art exhibition that will arrive in 2023. The Oct. 1 event highlighted Mental Health Awareness Week and NFTs with over 2000 guests. The event was attended by Chance the Rapper and had the music curated by Soulection.

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A series of incredible panels on the future of art, entrepreneurship, the metaverse, and web 3 were the highlight of Future Galerie’s preview event, which was organized by Eric Spivak of New Friendship Tech.

“Future Galerie exhibitions and events are the sites of innovation and shared cultural experiences tailored to the general public and art enthusiasts alike,” says Co-Founder Alaiia Gujral. “The Future Galerie Preview Series is an opportunity for us to bring together a diverse group of locally and internationally acclaimed artists and to educate others not only about new waves of contemporary art but of the newest mediums we are seeing and how they are transforming the artistic landscape.”


With Refik Anadol’s renowned machine learning algorithms that produce abstract, dream-like settings exhibited on a 190-foot canopy of overhead LED screens, attendees will get a first-hand glimpse at what genre-pushing art looks like. Visitors will be able to see Krista Kim’s interaction of light, technology, and sound on a sizable projection-mapped screen suspended above them while also getting a glimpse of the cutting edge at Art Blocks’ gallery of physical and digital art that combines creative coding and blockchain technology.

By fostering a vibrant local creative scene and providing a stage for up-and-coming artists to flourish in Chicago, Future Galerie also hopes to set itself apart from other well-liked immersive art experiences.

You can see images from the event below.