Renowned producer, social activist, and pioneering Black music executive Quincy Jones has officially joined TikTok.

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In addition to announcing the creation of his TikTok account, Jones also posts his first-ever video on the service, which features inspirational advice. The channel will include exclusive video content, motivational speeches, and a rundown of timeless works from Jones’ illustrious production library.

The TikTok audience has already embraced Quincy Jones’ work, utilizing classic songs like Michael Jackson’s “Bad” (1.4M+ total creations) and “Billie Jean” (281K+ creations), as well as Jones’ 1962 song “Soul Bossa Nova” (13K+ creations), which was famously featured in the Austin Powers movies.


You can see Quincy Jones’s first TikTok message below.


From bebop to doo-wop to #hiphop to TikTok…ya gotta go to know…so that’s what I’m doin’! Lookin’ forward to sharing more with U here. Keep on keepin’ on!

♬ original sound – Quincy Jones