Throughout NFL’s Week 4 and the days that followed, headlines swirled around the injury to Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. During the Thursday Night Football game, Tagovailoa suffered a concussion that will also keep him out least this current week.

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Speaking with Colin Cowherd, the quarterback on the other side of the field, Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals, spoke to his own concussion history and stated he has had concussions to the point where he forgets chunks of games.

“I’ve never had any lasting effects from a concussion,” Burrow said. “I’ve been hit and forgot the rest of the game before. That’s happened a couple of times, but I’ve never had one where I have headaches for like a week, and I have symptoms of concussion after the game.


“Like I said, I’ve had some where I don’t remember the second half, or I don’t remember the entire game, or I know that I got a little dizzy at one point, but nothing long-lasting.”

Later in the conversation, Burrow revealed that 300-pound men crashing around at 20 miles per hour is “part of what we signed up for.”

Adding, “You’re gonna have head injuries. You’re gonna tear your ACL. You’re gonna break your arm. That’s the game that we play, that’s the life that we live and we get paid handsomely for it. I think going into every game, we know what we’re getting ourselves into.”

You can hear it from Burrow below.