If you want to know what’s going on in the Los Angeles Lakers locker room, Patrick Beverly may give the insight on his new podcast. After appearing on ESPN this summer, Pat Bev will take his dip into media a bit further by announcing The Pat Bev Podcast with Barstool Sports.

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When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Patrick Beverly, fans immediately wondered how he would blend with star guard Russell Westbrook. The two have had a lengthy history of beef, but now all of that appears to be a thing of the past as Beverly refers to Westbrook as his best friend.

Aside from his podcast work, during Lakers Media Day, Beverly stated he and Russell Westbrook have struck up a bond since Beverly’s arrival in L.A.


According to Beverly, he and Westbrook come in to train together before 7 a.m. and have become gym partners.

“You can’t really take everything you do in the game and put it in real life,” Beverley told ESPN. “Since I’ve been here … if I was to have a best friend on the team right now, for sure it’d be him. We spend the most time together. We’ve been locked and lift weights together and all that stuff. So I’m super excited.”

Beverly then got a joke off about their new friendship.

“We went on this boat ride, you feel me? It was just us two. It was real intimate,” Beverley said. “It was 2,000 candles, you feel me? He landed in a helicopter. I came in one of my underwater vessels. We talked three hours over wine. He had a two-Michelin-star chef come pull up, cook some steaks. I had my chef pull up and make the desserts. And that’s how we got to where we are now.”

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