Floyd Mayweather is ready for the boxing fans to come into his world. The Best Ever has connected with Hollywood producers to develop a docuseries called THE GOAT.

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“I just feel the world should see a different part of Floyd Mayweather,” Mayweather said to TMZ Sports. “I think the people should see a different part of me.”

In addition to the Hollywood producers, Mayweather has connected with billionaire businessman Robert Smith. The GOAT will feature Floyd’s time as a kid in New Jersey and on his road to be one of the greatest athletes in history.


“I want to be able to tell my story in my way,” Mayweather said. “The good, the bad, the ugly. I don’t want the people to think I take certain pieces out and it’s all glory. There’s a lot of ups and downs in life every day. And there’s a lot of struggles. Not just with myself but with my loved ones. People gonna love it. Believe me.”

He added, “Since the beginning of my professional career in 1996, I’ve been asked, ‘Floyd, let’s do a documentary on your amateur career. How your dad went to prison. How your grandmother was cleaning hotel rooms and offices to take care of you. And how you was living in New Brunswick, NJ. Seven of us in a one-bedroom.’ The story is just so amazing. Like I said before the people are going to love it.”