After knocking out Adrian Peterson in an exhibition match, Le’Veon Bell will have his first professional boxing match. Bell will fight on the underground of the Anderson Silva and Jake Paul match that will take place on Oct.29.

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Bell will take on ex-UFC fighter Uriah Hall at the event in Glendale, Arizona. The match is scheduled for four rounds, and neither man can weigh in at over 200 pounds. The fighters will wear 10-ounce gloves. ESPN notes the fight is being promoted by Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions, which has a partnership with Showtime.

“I’m just as excited to watch Hall versus Bell as I am for Paul versus Silva,” Most Valuable Promotions co-founder Nakisa Bidarian said. “You have a legitimate top-10 MMA striker versus a world-class athlete who has proven he has true boxing skills and knockout power. This fight elevates our pay-per-view to a new level and these guys will undoubtedly put on an unforgettable fight for the fans in the stands and those tuning in.”


“As soon as Most Valuable Promotions approached me about joining the Paul-Silva pay-per-view, I told them I want in and didn’t care who the opponent was,” Bell said. “Uriah Hall is going to feel my punching power and tap out like he’s getting submitted. He is not built like me.”

How do you think Bell will perform? You can see his knockout of AP below.