Styles P has retirement in sight. Hitting Instagram, Styles announced that he will end his career after two more albums in order to be “spiritually healthy.”

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In addition, Styles P revealed that he is stepping away from Juices For Life as a co-founder and owner. Hip-Hop fans will be able to still get new music and see him perform as a member of The LOX.

“I say this with a deeper over standing of self and evaluating the status of my own mental health,” Styles P wrote. “I have noticed I have become less spiritually healthy than I used to be . I believe I have run myself down a tad bit over the past few years. Being a super hard working emcee and a health advocate.


“For one, I’m not really that great at multi tasking it’s actually my drive that keeps me going and that slack falls back on my family, business partners and co workers. I thought about it harder and came to the conclusion that I need to walk away from my solo career period ( I think I gave y’all enough ).”

He added, “I will just do LOX shit and a feature here and there if it moves me . I’m about to be a board member on several very important boards (I am not at liberty to mention right now and a few other ventures that I also care not to mention right now ). My main focus is trying to push @farmacyforlife to the next level.”

You can see the full statement from Styles P here.