G Herbo has released the A-Side of his new album Survivor’s Remorse. Appearing on New Music Daily on Apple Music 1 with Eddie Francis, G Herbo detailed the importance of the album and how the A side differs from the forthcoming B side.

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“I really wanted, you know what I’m saying, fans to just be able to lay with the music for real because I know that a double sided album is a lot,” G Herbo said. “You feel what I’m saying? Just the way I wanted my music to be consumed, you feel me. Like, the Survivor side for me is… I wouldn’t say it’s totally different, but it’s more like a celebratory vibe. You know what I’m saying? More like a moment of triumph and giving myself a pat on the back.

“And the Remorse side is me being real about, you know what I’m saying, trauma and the things that I do face behind the scenes that, you know what I’m saying, everybody don’t really know about. I want the fans to be able to live with the music for a second. I want them to be able to consume the A side and then, Monday, get to B side. When you actually put them together though, it syncs.”

He added, “It’s still one through 25, they still sync. But I want to start a conversation with my fans, like, ‘All right, I like the A side. I like the B side.’ You feel what I’m saying? I intentionally wanted to start that conversation.”


Side A features Offset, Jeremih, Benny The Butcher, Future, Gunna, and more.

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