Although the 2024 presidential election is still over two years away, it has not stopped people from speculating about possible presidential contenders. One of the long-shot speculations has been Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who in the past has teased the possibility of someday running for office. However, he recently clarified that he will not be entering the 2024 presidential race.

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In an interview with Tracy Smith for CBS Sunday Morning, Johnson said in no uncertain terms that a presidential run in 2024 was “off the table,” explaining that it would take time away from his family. However, he did say: “I love our country and everyone in it. I also love being a daddy. And that’s the most important thing to me — is being a daddy. Number one, especially during this time, this critical time in my daughters’ lives, because I know what it was like to be on the road and be so busy that I was absent for a lot of years in my first daughter’s … life. And that’s what the presidency would do.”

Johnson, who supported the Biden and Harris candidacy in 2020, followed up in his own Instagram post, sharing the interview, where he wrote the following:


Really enjoyed and appreciate sitting down with my friend @thattracysmith & @cbssundaymorning ☀️ We chopped up a lot of meaningful topics – including running for POTUS.

With midterms here and a presidential election 2 years away, I’ve been approached by the most influential in politics on both sides of the aisle asking and supporting that I run for President. It’s a humbling, grateful and inspiring feeling to even have these conversations, as I’m not a politician nor have I ever aspired to be one. But I am a patriot to my core, love my country and everyone in it.

But being a father to my little girls is the most important thing in my life. To raise ‘em and always be there, during these critical years in their life.
I know what it’s like to not be there all the time as a father, because of an unrelenting work schedule. I won’t let that happen ever again. Choosing parenting over presidency. Hope you guys enjoy our interview tomorrow on CBS Sunday Morning ☀️


The speculation began back in 2020 when he mentioned the possibility in a Vanity Fair interview. As of now, there is no word whether or not Kanye West will make another run at the presidency in 2024.