Could it be a wrap for Draymond Green in Golden State? Stephen A. Smith surely thinks so.

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Draymond is currently wrapped in controversy after he punched Jordan Poole during practice. Draymond is believed to not be as high of a priority in the future, but his deal is up. Stephen A. Smith thinks Green has his eyes set on heading to Los Angeles.

“I can tell you right now, [Andrew] Wiggins and Poole are a priority,” Smith said. “I can tell you right now that Draymond Green is expecting this to be his last year in Golden State. Now, he wanna be a Laker. He ain’t gonna tell anybody that, but don’t think I don’t know. He’d prefer to be a Laker if he gotta leave Golden State.


“But he looking for a payday. He gonna get $25 million this year. He got a player option for $24 million next year. The Warriors are probably hoping he don’t opt in because they’d have to pay him on top of the cats that they know that they gotta pay in Poole and Wiggins.”

Draymond is currently away from the team on a self-imposed leave of absence. The season starts next Tuesday, and who do the Warriors face? Those same Lakers on ring night.

You can hear it from Stephen A. Smith below.