Provided you have the talent and motivation and are willing to learn to do things all by yourself, you do not need a record label to succeed in your music career. Many musicians nowadays opt to develop their music careers singlehandedly by becoming independent and are therefore free to run their careers how they want. The rise in internet usage has primarily contributed to the growth of independent artists, and it’s no longer essential to sign with a record label to get your music out there.

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Being an independent artist comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include having total control over your music, full ownership of the songs, and pocketing the profits generated from music sales, shows, streams, endorsements, merchandise,

and other revenue sources. However, independent artists face significant challenges, such as limited time, network, music business experience, resources, and finances. Lokey Bunny is an independent US-based rapper who has incorporated cryptocurrency and music, making a name for himself in the industry. 


According to a famous media outlet, people should take an interest in Lokey Bunny because he is the first in history to have a DEFI platform that supports his career, making him truly indie. Lokey Bunny says, “A lot of artists say they’re independent, but the fact is that I own a DeFI business; Lokeys.World is a Legacy and an equally high-yield investment platform in the DeFI space.”

Lokey Bunny was noticed through his YouTube Passive income videos that went viral and saw him garner more than 34,000 subscribers in a matter of weeks. “I used to teach people how to make passive income within the crypto space on the platform. But I recently turned it into an off-the-grid record label designed for investors to purchase a percentage of music by investing in my platform and, in return, receive 2.5% on merchandise, music, and much more,” the rapper explains.

People can learn how to position themselves within the music industry, or any industry for that matter, by ensuring a constant stream of income through Defi. Through Lokey Bunny’s writing, you can quickly learn how to position yourself in the Web3 world, where currency is now a digital number.

Lokey Bunny also shares how others in the industry can separate themselves from a marketing perspective and become essentially ageless for generations of consumers. Lokey Bunny reveals, “My biggest challenge was initially self-funding my music career without the help of a single label, but I’m grateful to have overcome this.”

In a few years, Lokey Bunny hopes his brand will have fully emerged within the metaverse, and his many NFT projects released will contain utility. The crypto investor and expert also wishes to show other investors and moguls within the crypto space how to legally fund their careers by turning investor liquidity into a gold mine with creative talent like him. He concluded, “The brand should be full p2p (peer to peer), from digital consumer sales to tickets. My idea is to showcase a full transparency blockchain marketing/advertising business that directly touches consumers at all levels.”