According to report from TMZ, notable battle rapper Tsu Surf was arrested last week in New Jersey following a federal indictment that alleges his involvement with a suspected Rollin 60s Crips criminal enterprise.

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The 52-page indictment charges Surf, whose real name is Rahjon Cox, with racketeering conspiracy and possession of firearms and ammunition by a convicted felony. Nine other people were charged in the indictment, facing a myriad of other charges including carjacking, possession with intent to distribute fentanyl and cocaine and more.

The feds also allege that Surf was involved in a 2017 shooting against a rival Crip member and claim the URL standout used his IG account in 2018 to facilitate an MDMA deal.


Surf was scheduled to appear in front of a federal judge on Friday, however, no information about the results of his hearing is currently available. will update this story when more details become available.