In an interview with Ebro Darden on Rap Life Radio on Apple Music 1, Freddie Gibbs talks about his critically lauded fifth studio album, “$oul $old $eparately,” which he considers to be his best work to date. He states in the in-depth interview with Apple Music that his feud with Benny the Butcher doesn’t concern him, yet he offered the Buffalo albums his finest songs anyhow.

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“We got songs that people could listen to,” Gibbs said. “We got songs that’s already out that people could stream all day long. I gave Benny his biggest record, the ‘One Way Flight.’ So hey man, we got music out there, so people don’t got to be too disappointed.

“When I did ‘Piñata’ and records like that, I feel like I created a lane, you know what I mean? For guys like me to run in, you know what I mean? I created a lane that we could still rap and then really have to conform to what was going on. I created that. I took these guys on tour, had them opening up, doing that type of stuff. I created the lane, so it’s like you got to respect that and if we ain’t got respect, then we ain’t got shit. But that’s it and that’s all.”


You can see the full interview below.