Earlier this year Ceasar Emanuel from VH1’s Black Ink Crew was kicked off the show after he was caught on a Ring Cam video abusing his dog.

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The viral clip shows the 43-year-old tattoo shop owner striking a canine with a folding chair multiple times, as well as locking the dog in a cage, and pushing it down a hill.

“We have made the decision to cut ties with Ceaser Emanuel from Black Ink Crew New York,” VH1 wrote in a statement posted to Facebook on Thursday. “Since next season was close to finishing production, this decision will not impact the upcoming season.”


Now, In a new Interview Ceaser talks about his regrets and moving on from Black Ink…

In an interview with WCGI Ceasar explains,

“I regret it 100%. Like, sometimes I wish I can take that night back but you can’t take nothing back. And that’s the messed up part about it because in my two seconds of anger I lost it.”

“And honestly, I was going through a lot. I don’t want to make no excuses but that was during Covid, situation with my daughter just happened, my mind was going all over the place. You feel me? I didn’t know how much stuff I was going through until after this dog situation I got therapy.”

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