This week during an interview on The Breakfast Club rapper 50 Cent claimed his son Marquise didn’t really want to speak with him. He said if he wanted to speak to him he should reach out to him personally and not through TMZ.

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Marquise has responded to his dad through Instagram with an old photo of the two during happier times. He explains how he had no idea the guy on the photo he took that offended 50 was the son of his sworn enemy. He even posted screenshots of the same kid offering him an opportunity to get money together to which he declined.

Marquise said he does not have a phone number for his dad and has been blocked by him on all social media platforms. He also claims that the picture taken with the son of 50 Cent’s enemy was accidental and that he didn’t even know who it was until after the picture was taken. He also admits it was he and not his mother all those years ago who texted 50 telling him he was a bad dad.


Now y’all all see I tried to reach out to talk to my pops as a MAN in front of the 🌎 & behind the scenes. I have no phone number for you & You’ve had me blocked on social media for years so I can’t DM you personally & everybody that is mutual is scared to touch the topic bc they’re scared of you. This seems to be the only way to reach you. I’m not a kid anymore. No mommy involved. I don’t want nor need money from you. I stand on my own 2. I don’t like attention I had so many opportunities to get that and I choose not too. I saw the breakfast club interview and it didn’t sound like much accountability there just ego, blaming and more so about money as if you were the child in the situation. Those text messages was ME I was waiting outside for you that was the day you broke my heart. I forgave you for it. I’m ready when you ready to sit down & talk.

I DON’T know that kid his friend asked for a pic he fanned out and held it for years. Look at the tags in the picture everybody but me if that was what I was trying to do I would of posted it myself. The bozo said it himself we DIDN’T and DON’T know each other. Just a goofy clout chasing tryna sell shirts of his alleged dad who he don’t even got a jail visit pics with & hitting up people that know me tryna set up a event for some bread. But y’all think it’s about the attention & money for me right? If I knew who he was I WOULDN’T have done that. I found out the same way the rest of y’all did. Y’all can stop the 🧢 now. I APOLOGIZE to anybody that this photo may have hurt, but I wasn’t aware who he claims to be. I thought it was just a fan asking for a picture. Any other “enemies” you’ve seen me in a pic with I’ve known them to be family damn near my entire life bc of my pops. You only know the Kid Marquise. COME MEET THE MAN.

As parents even I must admit, this is hard to watch. We all make mistakes and deserve healthy relationships.

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