Despite the fact that Black designers have made significant contributions to the fashion industry over the years, they are still underrepresented in the fashion world. One brand making their mark in the industry is Tian Zevon. Tian Zevon, a Black-owned handbag brand, was launched in early 2022 under the vision of founders Tee Seabrone and Doog The Dude. The couple are entrepreneurs with proven success in the ecommerce industry as they also run a successful online clothing store. Tee Seabrone, known by her audience for being an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and fashion designer, decided to leverage her expertise to help found Tian Zevon. Doog The Dude is a popular entrepreneur, fashion designer and streamer. Together, they have managed to build a powerful luxury bag brand whose influence has already become evident in the industry. They are now being compared in a positive light with moguls Telfar and Brandon Blackwood.

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Along with consistently releasing distinctively designed handbags, Tian Zevon has also been able to gather a massive audience of supporters who take to social media daily to rave over the brand and share their own creative takes on displaying the handbags. Their most popular bag is the Rhyan puffer. It captures the essence of both street and luxury wear. Since launching, it has been a challenge for consumers to secure one as they are quick to leave the shelves. The unique puffer has also gained the attention of many fashion influencers and celebrities online.

Apart from massive growth in their launch year, they are also focusing on their corporate social responsibility. Recently the company announced its partnership with the charity ForKids. The company has made it clear that their mission is to not only impact the fashion industry positively but also the community. Initially, they are directing their efforts to serving underprivileged youth in the community.


The couple is passionate about their products and their mission, and they are excited to see what the future holds for their company. One could only imagine what’s in store for this dynamic duo!

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