DaBaby pulled up to Hot 97 and the Ebro in the Morning crew asked why did he rap about an alleged sexual relationship with Megan Thee Stallion. In a matter-of-fact answer, DaBaby stated, “it is what it is.”

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“I said a long time ago, keep me out the business,” DaBaby said. “It’s a song. It’s out right now. Niggas can take it how they want to take it.”

DaBaby dropped off his new album Baby On Baby 2 in September, rapping about sex with Megan Thee Stallion on the single “Boogeyman.”


“You play with me that shit was childish The day before she said that Tory Lanez shot her I was fkin on Megan Thee Stallion Waited to say that shit on my next album
Hit it the day before too
But I kept it player, I ain’t say nothing ’bout it.”

He then would double back with bars about Pardison Fontaine:

“Had her pretty boy, boyfriend tweeting me, ready to die ’bout the b*tch like a coward
I told you n*ggas don’t play, now you gone have to handle me I poked the muthaf*ckin bear, I’m a animal.”

A short time later, Thee Stallion would issue a kind response during her time on stage.

“So look, I don’t know about y’all but I love my body,” Thee Stallion said. “I do what I want to with my body, when I want to with my body, with who I want to with my body. ‘Cause it’s who? My body.”

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