How many times have you met a talented rapper, but they don’t know how to get a song on the radio? Jasmyn Buckingham (known by her clients as Miss Jasmyn B) of Supreme Talent, is the solution to breaking into the music industry. Through Supreme Talent, she has helped artists get meetings with major record labels Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Roc Nation, Quality Control Music, Maybach Music Group, Epic Records, Capitol Records, and Heir Wave Music Group to promote their music and learn exactly what they’re looking for. So many talented musicians never make it simply because of improper marketing strategies. Without a large budget for a professional team, many artists are forced to do their own music marketing with little to no experience. This is where digital marketing strategist Jasmyn Buckingham comes into play. She is a music marketing enthusiast set on educating independent artists on effective strategies to get their music heard. 

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Even on her Instagram, Miss Jasmyn B is constantly sharing information on important topics like branding as an artist, understanding your target audience, and converting followers to dedicated fans. As the owner of Supreme Talent, a music consulting and publishing company, she spends a great deal of time helping new artists navigate through the music industry. “As a new artist, getting signed by a record label is usually a major part of the plan. Unfortunately many artists can not afford a team to help them navigate their way into label meetings. As a result, they take matters into their own hands and blindly stumble in the wrong direction. Randomly sending your music to the CEO is NOT going to get you anywhere, but we have the solution.” Jasmyn stated in a recent blog article. Her mission at Supreme Talent is to provide independent artists with the knowledge and resources to effectively get their music heard while growing a fan base. In her hometown Richmond, Virginia, Jasmyn B organized RVA Music Fest, which was the biggest independent hip hop artist music festival the city had seen held at the Dogwood Dell Amphitheater. The opportunity led to participants not only getting booked for shows, but also taught them valuable strategies in digital marketing. “Theres a lot of power that comes with understanding how things work in your industry. When labels see that youre following the right protocols, they respect your professionalism. This brings a LOT of leverage when it comes time to discuss contract terms.”
Check out her YouTube channel Industry Jas for insight into to the business side of the music industry!All artists interested in working with Miss Jasmyn B for music marketing services can schedule a consultation on her site at!

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