In the modern music industry, artists spend months and years promoting their latest singles in order to get them heard by listeners across the world. However, there are some songs that are so good that they don’t need any promotion at all; they spread like wildfire thanks to listeners sharing their favorite songs with each other on social media sites. Johnny Lugautti and Skooly’s single Triple Cross is definitely one of those songs…

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As everyone’s favorite rockstar, Johnny Lugautti focuses on staying true to his art as he strives to make his way around the world. Early feat. Snap Dogg, We Poppin feat. With Euro Gotit and other successful tracks, the constantly evolving artist was able to get even bigger collaborations. Johnny’s track record is impressive enough to make any fan excited for new releases, as he has earned records with chart-toppers such as Kevin Gates and Yung Bleu.

The new single from Johnny Lugautti and Skooly, Triple Cross, is a perfect track for any type of day. With its upbeat tempo, catchy lyrics, and well-crafted music video, this track is sure to be in heavy rotation on your playlist. He effortlessly meshes the English language with his rap. He has an interesting perspective that you don’t hear too often. It’s worth listening to if you are looking for something new and different.


If you want to listen to this song, You can stream it on Spotify, YouTube, and other major streaming platforms. The video of this song got more than 28k+ views on youtube within 13 days. The rappers are working together for the first time. They shared their thoughts about their collaboration: It’s dope we both came from different worlds but our fans found common ground in us. – Johnny Lugautti. I’m really excited because I know that we’re going to change the game.- Skooly