KhaosTalks is a name that rings bells in the entertainment streets of the city that never sleeps – New York. With his distinctive interview style, fun personality, and inherent abilities, he is putting his signature style on the entertainment scene in the concrete jungle as a host and on-air talent for an online music media outlet and upcoming talent booking agency – Musicxculives.

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His dreams of becoming one of the top entertainment news journalists led him to pack his bags and move from Detroit to New York recently. His ambition and drive is propelling him to the top. He reports on some of the most significant events in the city and interviews established and upcoming artists as he continues to make his presence felt and impact the culture. 

Born KaJuan Hill, he is the ideal illustration of what happens when opportunity meets preparation and hard work. No matter how his days go, he always shows up in grand style, complete with the fashions, to inform and educate his fans.


He knows the journey to make it big in the entertainment industry and is always willing to share his experiences and help others journeying this path. He’s a personality to watch and follow because he’s doing this on his terms and inspiring his peers along the way. 

If you’re serious about breaking into the music industry. In that case, KhaosTalk is here to help you get your foot in the door with behind-the-scenes insight as well as informative interviews and roundtable discussions with top artists and executives in the music business. To read more click here…

He continues to grow in popularity for his witty personality and dedication to introducing people to his favorite musicians. Using KhaosTalks’ genius to connect with people through interviews, he’s a nationally recognized activist, social entrepreneur, and media personality/influencer. As the host of Khaostalks, Ka’Juan uses his many platforms to bring attention to marginalized voices. He has interviewed celebrities, politicians, and everyday people.

He has so much to offer and said his fans and supporters can expect a lot more from him and a continuation of some of the best interviews, where he provides one-on-one talks with musicians. His best feature apart from his whole face is his ability to make the people he interviews feel comfortable.

When asked to describe himself, I’m serious about my craft and highlighting stories and people. I love how we are all unique in our own way and I love getting to know people through our interactions. He looks forward to interviewing artists that make him feel alive through their work. 

His various platforms have allowed him to uplift voices that are often ignored. His coverage has ranged from the voting election to the Detroit Auto show to the events of the National Gay Pride and Police issues during Covid-19. Khaostalks is currently the media correspondent for SLAY TV, a multi-platform media agency that specializes in advertising and representation for people of color, queer, and transgender communities. With SLAY, Khaostalks will also highlight ballroom culture.

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