In efforts to provide a platform for the student athletes on the Dove’s basketball team to play, Jaylen Brown will sponsor a match up against the Skill Factory in Atlanta.

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According to the press release, Brown’s goal is to remind the children that they are important, seen, heard and that we stand with the children and encourage them to continue to have high spirits and positive mindsets leading into their basketball season.

The event that is taking place at a private location is curated solely by Jaylen Brown. It is not associated with any owners or spokespersons of the DONDA school, where the Dove’s basketball team attends. 


The purpose of Brown’s event is to ensure the children of the Dove’s basketball team are able to enjoy the sport they’ve worked so hard to play.

On Sunday, November 6, 2022 Brown is set to hold a press conference at 5:30P – 5:45P just before the game kicks off at 6:00P. 

This follows the news of the HBCU, Morehouse canceling the November 6 game between the DONDA Doves VS. the Skill Factory. Ye formally known as Kanye West has been under fire over his anti semitic statements.

The school canceled while saying it doesn’t support the rapper’s comments leaving the kids without a location for their first game. According to reports, Brown and Ye were both set to attend the game.

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