Dre London is a serial entrepreneur of many attributes whose legacy has stood on the intangible foundation of service and information.

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The London Entertainment Group CEO has managed the careers of a number of platinum-selling artists, most notably Post Malone, who released his latest project, Twelve Carat Toothache back in June.

Both London and Malone have tag teamed on business ventures and plan to continue their success as a dynamic duo. Back in 2020, the two launched Maison No. 9 rose wine, despite the doubts that came their way.


“When everyone told us, ‘are you sure you won’t end up with cases on the side of the street? It’s a pandemic,'” London explained. “When people tell you something like that, you have to follow your gut felling.

Dre London is no stranger to following his intuition. His clairvoyant nature has led to the creation of both SKRT Seltzer and Don Londres, which he trademarked both phrases, “SKRT and “SKRT SKRT.”

IMG 7641
IMG 7641

“Seltzer is low in sugar, low in calories and helps to be more health conscious while consuming alcohol,” he says.

In addition to general consumption, London has plans to give artists equity of SKRT in exchange for promotion of the product.

During Post Malone’s Twelve Carat Tour, Don Londres took center stage as the presenting tequila brand for the tour’s after parties . The 2-time Variety music manager of the year Don Londres Tequila as the “smoothest blanco you will ever taste.” He plans to release the reposado and añejo for the brand as well.

“I do a job that a lot of people don’t see,” London says referring to managing artists. “You take care of everything as a manager. The first time I got the award was a stamp to my arrival. Having it again, only reassured what I was doing.”

While accolades are never a priority for Dre London, he is thankful for the recognition of his service, as a result of the information he has acquired throughout his life and career. Information and service work as a tandem according to London.

“Knowledge is power,” he exclaimed. Information can change your life.”

Acquiring the information allows one to be a better service man or women.

“Every boss you know was a serviceman and continues to be,” he says. “A manager is a service-based role. I was once the quiet guy in the corner in the studio. When they asked to grab something for French (Montana), I went to get it.

His humble attitude has taken him from the studio to an expansive business portfolio that now includes Don Londres Tequila and SKRT Seltzer.

Dre London now has his eyes set on “business man of the year.”

With the recent launch, it’s only a matter of time before his new desires come into fruition.