Tye Cooper, a rising star and Providence, Rhode Island native, is an artist to stay locked on. For most aspiring artists, gaining a legitimate buzz in the industry is no small feat; however, Cooper makes the task look easy. Unless you’ve been held hostage in a cave-like Tony Stark in Iron Man, Tye Cooper should ring bells in every household across the country.

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Tye Cooper’s undying discipline in maintaining his dedication to his craft and lyrical progression sets him apart from other professionals that take up the art purely for financial gain. Cooper’s love for his craft and the history of hip-hop culture is expressed constantly in his songs and has helped him gain the loyal fanbase he has today. Among his other accomplishments as an artist, Tye Cooper has been sponsored by Doritos. He has also collaborated with many artists from acts such as Slick Rick, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, and many more.

From a young age, Tye has always been a creative person destined to bring his art form to the masses. He first discovered his love for music at the age of 6. Both his mother and father played an influential role in shaping his musical taste. His parents exposed him to the sounds of Anita Baker, Angela Winbush, G Unit, Shyne, and many more. They never held back when it came to the more explicit songs, and the rawness of it all would later guide Tye down the path of creating his own raw and unique sound. Though his creativity started at 6, his art form wouldn’t blossom until later in life when he was 8. At that age, he began to embrace physically writing out his rhymes and forming them into songs. Fast forward to his 8th-grade year, he’d start picking up a microphone and recording his raps.


Tye credits his family’s support, RemiTV media, Dan Murphy of Silent Reminder Entertainment, HAUS PVD, and Providence, Rhode Island, where he grew up, for helping him achieve his current and future success. He also credits them for helping to keep his head on straight while he progresses down the road to superstardom. Keep up with Tye Cooper by following him on Instagram here and stream his new album below.