Gillie Da Kid told you he is him on the basketball court! Damian Gillard pulled up to the Detroit Pistons training facility and put their assistant coach on ice in a 3-point competition.

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Gillie wasn’t even suited for sport, specifically taking his jumpers in jeans and Kentucky dunks.


Cade Cunningham was hiding from Damian Gillard 😈

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This isn’t the first time Gillie has lit up a rim. Back when The Big 3 wrapped up its season, the celebrities took the court, and Gillie Da Kid showed them who Damian Gillard was as he won the game MVP.


In a game featuring Rob Gronkowski, NLE Choppa, Nelly, Yahoo Sports reported Chris Haynes, and more, Gillie showed that he has game.

You can catch Gillie on the court, including the moment he won MVP, below.