Donald Trump has formally announced his intention to run for President again in 2024. The Tuesday night announcement balks at Republicans who believe the former President’s party negatively influences their party.

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The New York Times notes that Trump’s announcement is in part a hope to deflect investigations into him and come while votes from the midterm election are counted. A presumed red wave from Republicans fell flat during the election, and Trump’s influence has been a point of blame for the performance not living up to expectations.

In addition, Trump is believed to see another run at the White House will aid in casting doubt into investigations, citing them as politically driven, and provide pushback on prosecutors aiming to bring criminal charges against him.


The preferred candidate for the Republican Party is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who just won re-election in his state via a landslide. After his sizeable win and Trump’s endorsed candidate failing to secure their positions, The New York Post ran “Trumpty Dumpty” as front page news and crowned DeSantis “DeFuture.”

Trump’s speech was lengthy and cut away from by various news networks, including right-leaning Fox News. During his rally, Trump falsely stated he completed the border wall, said he would easily win, and attacked President Joe Biden.

In response, Biden fired off a simple tweet: