Creating revolutionary change in underserved, low-income areas is the objective of the real estate investment and development company Oasis, which was founded by the former chief of staff and head of security for Michael Jackson. In order to recognize the inner city adolescents and young men who have finished their one year of training under the Oasis Build Program, founders Michael Amir and Faheem Muhammed conducted their one-year completion celebration in Chicago, Illinois.

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“We see so much potential and greatness in these young men; we wanted to give them the head start we never had.” 

Their Build Program teaches young people in the inner cities of Chicago and Los Angeles how to buy property while also assisting young people in starting their real estate careers. Students in this curriculum acquire trade skills and learn how to totally remodel homes, including plumbing and electrical work. The ages of the five young men who finished the one-year training program ranged from late teens to early 20s. It is well known that the majority of inner-city youth who are left with few options and resources turn to gang-related activities or unsafe environments; the Oasis provided them with a chance to change their course in life. In order for the students to purchase houses collectively, the program is more significant in that it teaches them the value of ownership, investment, and generational prosperity.


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