Words by: Timothy Mwachia

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Quando Rondo joined forces with his label boss NBA Youngboy this Friday (Nov. 25) for their new collab mixtape, 3860. On one of the 16 songs on the project, “Want Me Dead,” Quando goes on a lyrical offensive against the late King Von and his sister Kayla B, as well as Lil Durk.

Although he doesn’t mention any names, Quando labeled Von his “favorite opp,” and in the process of dissing Kayla, he referenced the incident Lul Tim fatally shot the Chicago rapper outside an Atlanta nightclub in 2020. “My favorite opp dead, sister talk too much, no I don’t like the bitch, Lul Timmy rollеd her brother up, got steppеd on in some Nike kicks,” the Savanah native raps.


A few lines farther on his verse, Quando responds to Lil Durk’s 7220 track, “Ahhh Ha,” while reminding him of Von’s tragic death. “Ah ha, I don’t see shit funny, we stepped on your brother,” he spits.

Just in September, Quando publicly denounced gang life while blaming it all on disloyalty. “I’m not jump out gang either ain’t no loyalty in this sh*t. I’m my own man I layed my flag down I’m not NH (NeighborHood) y’all ain’t gone ride for a ni**a formal it’s no sense of me being apart of y’all sh*t,” he wrote on Instagram stories. He added that he wants to “focus on my family the ones who gone really drop a tear if I die.”

This was shortly after the rapper and his cousin Lul Pab were targeted in a shooting while riding together in Los Angeles, and the latter consequently died from his gunshot wounds while the former was unharmed. 

The 23-year-old did catch heat from some of his rap peers including Foolio, who flamed him for trying to “squash beef and throw his flag in,” adding that “it’s to late nephew.”

The new joint project from Youngboy and Quando arrived with a sole feature from Lul Tim on the song “I Swear.”