Cardi B is being sued after posting a picture in her Marge Simpson Halloween costume.  

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According to artist aleXsandro Palombo, he created this look back in 2013 as part of the Marge Simpson Style Icon Series. The artist hired intellectual property attorney,  Claudio Volpi, to bring forth the copyright claims against the rapper. According to reports, Volpi contacted Cardi and her team who stated that Cardi was unaware “there was an artist behind this image previously” but that she’d be “happy to add credits.” Palombo responded by demanding everyone publish a “remedial” follow-up post that links to his Instagram. This demand went unanswered by Cardi and her team. 

According to Volpi, “Cardi B has illegitimately appropriated the work of aleXsandro Palombo for mere business purposes in defiance of the most elementary rules on copyright and Instagram policies with the consequent serious risks, both of compensation and of discredit for her public image.”


Volpi has since sent a formal notice to Atlantic Records, requesting Palombo’s follow-up post appear within seven days or that legal action would commence. At this time, no lawsuit has yet been filed.

Palombo states that the series was intended to be a “reflection on women’s emancipation and gender equality”. The artist has stated that by using his work without permission, Cardi B was “debasing its original meaning.”