Drake and 21 Savage’s recent collaborative effort Her Loss is being hailed as one of the best hip-hop albums to come out this year, and is being called one of Drake’s best albums in years. The two collaborators recently revealed on SiriusXM’s Sound 42 that they even helped write each other’s verses.

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“I ain’t gon cap, Drake wrote some of my verses on this album,” 21 said. “These facts. I don’t give a fuck what a n***a say, Drake helped me with some of my verses on this album.” Drake went on to add, “By the way, you also helped me with shit too.” 

Even though Drake and 21 helped write each other’s verses it still does not answer the question of why 21 is only on the album for a combined 16 minutes.


In a recent interview with DJ Akademiks on his Off The Record podcast, 21 said that he helped Drake become more unfiltered on this album. This would most likely lead itself to his double entendre bar about Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting incident, and his jabs at Serena Williams husband, and Ice Spice.

“You know I’m pointing it out, like when he send me the songs, I’m pointing out what I heard,” 21 said. “I’m tellin’ him like, ‘Yeah n***a, talk that shit.’ You know I’m gassing him. I’m behind him. Whatever he standing on, I’m standing on it too. Say what you feel, n***a.”