Stephen A. Smith is not for the criticism of Jerry Jones, who recently was spotted in a picture from the 1950s at the desegregation of an Arkansas school.

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In the image, white men blocked the path of Black students integrating into the school. Jones was 14 in the photo, and Smith pointed out that picture was 65 years old.

“I’m pretty pissed off,” Smith said on First Take. “I’m pissed off but not for reasons people think. I am very, very fond of Jerry Jones, and I’m not hiding that from anybody. Is his record perfect? No, but I’m pissed off because he doesn’t deserve what just happened. He doesn’t deserve it. One report, our report, said he was 14 years old. Another report said he was 15 years old. At minimum that’s 65 years ago.”


He added, “Nobody should be okay with that, we understand that, we get all of that. … Racism is a live and well, bigotry and prejudice is alive and well. We get all of that, but you gonna bring up a photo of him when he was 14, 15 years old? 65 or 66 years ago.”

You can hear it all from Stephen A. below.

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