Offset and Quavo are still reeling from the death of Takeoff, who was tragically killed during a dice game in Houston earlier this month. Takeoff’s public funeral service was held just a couple of weeks later, and both members of the Migos took to social media to pay tribute to the former member of the trio.

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Cardi B recently posted a snippet of new Offset music featuring Future. The clip shows Offset on a sidewalk dressed as The Joker, moving erratically, while wielding an airsoft gun.

Shortly after the clip surfaced, Canadian comedian Nicole Arbour seemingly commented on the video, criticizing Offset for promoting gun violence after Takeoff shot just a few weeks before.


“Man… few weeks after his cousin was murdered over a dice game…,” Arbour tweeted. “Offset’s making new music about shooting people and shooting places up. Not a single thing was learned.”

Cardi B defended her husband, saying “The fact you trying to use the death of some1 I love to get clout is crazy,” Cardi replied. “I’m not going to do none of that… I’m just going to pray for you.”

Cardi also confirmed that the video was shot before Takeoff’s untimely death, and that Offset has not recorded any new music since. “He hasn’t even been to a studio since Take died so wtf are you talking about?” Cardi wrote.

Arbour then reposted the video that Cardi had posted of Offset dressed as The Joker with the caption: “My bad y’all…,” she began, before adding, “@iamcardib just posted this and I was sure it was Offset rapping about murder with a fake gun. Honestly, my bad if that’s not what this video is.”