There is an awesome new campaign video from sneaker retailer SNIPES titled “The Come Up” and starring Shameik Moore, an American actor, singer, and rapper who is best known for voicing Miles Morales / Spider-Man in the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and its upcoming sequels. As a dynamic young face in the industry, Moore is leaving his mark on Hollywood and definitely understand the concept of the “the come up.”

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Shamiek recently partnered with SNIPES to launch their new Fall Apparel Collection, which is all about “the come up.”  In the campaign video, which is a nod to the classic film, “Paid in Full,” Shameik navigates his way through the concrete jungle, while encouraging viewers to follow their dreams and chase the hustle. The campaign video motivates viewers to go into the world to forge their own path, leading young people to a future where they can look back and appreciate how far they’ve come. 

As a brand, SNIPES  believes that style should reflect ones confidence and drive to accomplish your dream. As such, the Fall Apparel Collection takes it back to the basics, emphasizing the importance of comfort and quality. Made with layering in mind, this essentials collection comes just in time to cozy up for winter:

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