Travius Keandric is not your average artist. He is a storyteller. A lyricist. A, what we’d call… a ‘rap-tivist.’ He uses his platform and voice to not just entertain but to empower. That stems even outside of the music, as he is also a registered nurse. His desire to help others was apparent as early as childhood. Travius was born in the small town of Marion, Alabama, which is also known as one of the most impoverished areas in the United States.

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His nursing career coincides with his music, as Travius’ content speaks on health, wealth, and mental well-being. It’s no coincidence some of his inspirations are the late great Nipsey Hussle and Kendrick Lamar. Both artists are known to deliver positivity to their listeners, and Travius is easily cut from the same cloth.


The latest offering from Travius comes in the form of a new single / video titled “MOLLY.” Many consciously will assume the track is about the popular party substance — but this “MOLLY” is in reference to the female mogul.

Hailing from Atlanta, along with her posse of talented models — (MollyWorldCasting) — the lovely ladies [of course] make a cameo in the cinematic visual directed by David-L / Dash-TV.

“This visual was created from genuine love to help create the fun you see. This is the magic of Molly, which is something that you couldn’t pay for even if you wanted to.”

It doesn’t stop there. Also joining the fun were nurses from all over the country, who were invited by Travius so he can highlight his day-to-day peers.

“My fellow nurses are a big reason why I make music and even incorporate them in my visuals,” said Keandric. “Nurses deal with being short-staffed, low pay rates, being sleep deprived, and taking care of others before taking care of ourselves.”

He continued: “It can be [real] stressful at times, and many nurses need an outlet to release. There are so many multi-talented nurses, and I want them to know they can be a nurse and pursue other passions.. like creating music or entrepreneurship. In the “MOLLY” video, I had real nurses that flew in and drove long hours from all over the country to be in the video.”

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Other featured cameos include Alder Davidson, the interviewer at the beginning of the clip, and DJ ‘Hoover the Finesse Groover’, who was getting the party right behind the boards.

Although the track was released in November, the single’s momentum continues to pour into the first quarter of the new year. Fans are already eager to hear his follow-up for “MOLLY,” and we’re sure Travius will not disappoint.

But for now, “MOLLY” is still in heavy rotation so get familiar if you aren’t already and tune in above.

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