21 Savage was scolded last month for saying that Nas wasn’t relevant anymore. Everybody, including rappers from his generation, jumped on the Her Loss rapper for his ill-informed comments. However, it doesn’t look like 21 is alone in his line of thinking.

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Boosie recently appeared on a new episode of VladTV where the two discussed 21’s polarizing comments. Boosie said that he understands where 21 was coming from because from the Her Loss artist perspective, Nas might not be relevant. But, Bossie argued that Nas is still relevant because he is putting out music and winning awards.

“[Nas] just won a Grammy at that age, last year. His records are still doing great,” Boosie said. “He’s definitely relevant to his fanbase. He’s still making music, he’s still doing that, then he’s still relevant. I think [21] was looking at it on a young n***a’s perspective.”


DJ Vlad agreed with Boosie regarding Nas’s legendary stature but added that while Nas is a legend and is still winning awards, numbers-wise the King’s Disease III rapper can’t compete with Drake, 21 or even Taylor Swift. Boosie then said that in that case, Nas isn’t relevant in today’s music landscape because he doesn’t have a major label backing him.

“I just can’t say he’s relevant as far as today’s [music]. … He doesn’t have a Taylor Swift machine behind him,” Boosie said. “I’m telling you. Nas is great, but he doesn’t have the machine, or he’s not listening to the machine that can make him do more numbers.”

Vlad added that he thinks that it’s harder for rappers above the age of 50 to maintain their relevancy, but said that Jay-Z is the exception to that. However, Boosie disagreed.

“Jay-Z’s not relevant these days for music,” he said. “I don’t. If you’re gonna say Jay-Z is relevant and Nas ain’t relevant? No.” Boosie added that Jay-Z is known more for his business ventures and acumen for his records now.

“When I go to these clubs in Atlanta—these 25-to-35 clubs—I’m not hearing Nas, I’m not hearing Jay-Z. Every club I go in, it’s not one or the other…Jay-Z is respected by these people for being that boss that he is. It ain’t his songs flashing across no fuckin’ social media, it’s his hustle.”

You can watch the clip below.