One of hip-hop’s most adored fashion brands is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the fusion of legacy and modernity. FUBU, launched in 1992 by Daymond John, Keith Perrin, J. Alexander Martin, and Carl Brown, has enormously shaped fashion in hip-hop by being a voice for Black culture and inspiring considerable talent. FUBU has secured Antoine Gregory, founder of Black Fashion Fair, to design a collection inspired by its archives. In his younger years, Gregory did not know the brand’s name, which stands for “For Us, By Us,” would be his guiding mantra. 

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Through reimagining the brand, pieces such as red and black sweat suits take on a refurbished script logo to extend the brand’s reach to a contemporary audience. Still, the power of history seeps out of FUBU’s pores. Gregory was determined to connect Black consumers with Black-made clothing while upholding the revolutionary sentiment that has made FUBU one of fashion’s first streetwear giants. 

In recent years, FUBU has collaborated with retailers, including Urban Outfitters, Century 21, Forever 21, and Puma. This project with Black Fashion Fair views the brand through a more elevated and curated lens than ever before. The campaign, which Ahmad Barber and Donté Maurice shot, also known as AB+DM Studio, marks the debut of a new visual language. This recent exposure, coupled with the brand’s recognizable gifts, celebrates how FUBU is coming back in a whole new way. 
Time has shown that many pledges of solidarity set forth by brands, big and small, have proved to be hollow promises rooted in performative championing. Gregory knows that with FUBU, it is different. He said, “My goal is to elevate the location of Blackness in fashion. The story of FUBU has so deeply enriched our culture. Telling this story is necessary for the legacy Black Fashion Fair is creating.” The Black Fashion Fair is a space where people can witness their contributions to art and culture. The line retails from $90 to $292. The first half of the 14-piece collection is available today. The second portion will drop later this year as a testament to the power of FUBU’s contributions to Black fashion and culture.