It may have been hard for you to get a pair of “Lost & Found” Retro 1s, but that isn’t because of bots. Nike has revealed their efforts to protect the SNKRS app launches from bots taking over releases.

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In a new overview shared online, Nike states a team of engineers is devoted to disassembling bots, and a range of techniques are employed to locate and eliminate them from the platform. The Swoosh continues by stating that it has been thwarting these fraudulent entries for seven years and that they have done so “with significant accuracy and success.” Nike further discloses that 10% to 50% of entries in well-known launches are determined to be bot attacks. Nike will keep eliminating bots from launches going forward, and a new launch screen that details its bot protection policies will be added to the app in the upcoming months.

You can learn more about Nike’s battle against bots here.