The music industry is at its most competitive, with artists fighting tooth and nail to carve a niche for themselves and capture the audience’s attention. However, some of the most gifted and one-of-a-kind performers out there are those who aren’t concerned with the money: they want to do it to share something different, follow their heart and tell their stories through music. This is most definitely the case of artist The Amazing T.k (born Timothy Colbert-Kemp). This talented artist has created a distinctive sound that feels like a very seamless combination of pop and rap. His recent release, “The Hollywood Callback”, is a great introduction to his vision. This album offers 14 songs, which is an incredible achievement, especially when considering that most rappers actually create singles rather than full-length listening experiences. The album covers a really huge stylistic spectrum. The opening track, “Warning” hits hard from the get go. The song has a cutting synth sound and a very powerful beat, which really offers a perfect backbone to the powerful voice of the artist. “Weed and Wine” is another heavy hitter with a more traditional trap influence, tipping the hat off to iconic artists such as Lil Wayne or Joey Bada$$, only to mention a few.

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There are so many special moments on this album, but one of the most outstanding tracks is perhaps the song “Hold On,”  which combines the artist’s penchant for an harder rap sound with his love of melody. It’s almost as if this album had an arch, with a first half focusing on more direct and edgy songs, while the second half of the album veers towards more melodic moments and a unique touch, with more room for personal storytelling and deeper songwriting.

Some songs are pure hard-hitting bangers with a lot of power and energy. There is also room for introspective and melodic songs, such as the amazing “Waiting,” which offers amazing keyboard parts and lush melodies, with lyrics that are introspective and easy to relate to. It feels like each track is an opportunity for the artist to explore some additional ideas. For instance, “Roll With Us” is yet another unique arrangement. The song features 80s inspired synth tones with astounding atmospherics and a cinematic feel. This song is big and iconic, and it feels like a perfect introduction to the ambitious sound of this release. The song “Aligning with the Stars” is the melodic pinnacle of this release, and the song with more of  a pop twist. The change of pace is very welcome, and it is yet another layer of depth and variety on this amazing album. 


The album is immersive, luring listeners in with an ethereal sound from the moment they hit the play button. However, there is also a lot of energy to the release, with a driven arrangement that allows the vocals to stand out. 

The Amazing T.k’s work is reminiscent of the sound of iconic artists such as Drake, Jay Z, Mac Miller, Eminem, and Lil Wayne, but there is definitely something a lot more distinctive about his approach to this genre. If this is any indication, we’re certainly in for something special. Ultimately, this release is a fantastic achievement for this multi-talented rapper. It feels like a good introduction to his personality, and to top it off, the quality of the production is nothing short of outstanding. Timothy Colbert-Kemp is truly The Amazing T.k.

Listen to “The Hollywood Callback”. This release is currently available on all digital music streaming platforms.