Spotify Wrapped is all over your timeline, and one man you may see a lot is Bad Bunny. According to Variety, Bad Bunny leads the list of most-listened-to artists for the third year straight.

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More than 18.5 billion plays of Bad Bunny music have been created on Spotify this year, and his album “Un Verano Sin Ti” was the No. 1 most streamed album globally.

Spotify recognizes Bad Bunny’s success through several Wrapped 2022 campaigns, such as billboards and posters posted on the streets of several cities asking people to perform a word search to uncover the most streamed artist.


Following Bad Bunny was Taylor Swift, the most streamed female artist of the year. Drake, The Weeknd, and BTS ranked among the top five on the list.

The most streamed single was Harry Styles’ “As It Was,” and the most popular podcast is The Joe Rogan Experience.