After a four-year partnership, Cardi and Reebok are wrapping up their partnership.

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Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky stated that the partnership with Cardi has proudly pushed boundaries and have put an emphasis on inclusivity and self- expression. He went on to say, “we’re so grateful for our partnership with Cardi over the years. Having the opportunity to collaborate with someone as passionate, iconic and talented as her is an unmatched experience and will certainly leave a lasting impact on the brand”. Today on her Instagram, Cardi posted her final collection which is the second part of her “Let Me Be…Next Level Energy.” “For my final collection with Reebok, I had to make sure we brought it to the next level. I needed every piece from the slides to the jumpsuit to be as big, bold, and fun as we could make them,” explained the Bronx bred rapper.

“It started with advertisement, and I just loved what they brought to the table,” Cardi B told FN about the partnership. “ I love that they saw my ideas. When I went to their headquarters in Boston, they welcomed me. It was freezing that day and I just had such a good experience and I thought, ‘Why not?’ I didn’t want to team up with someone who doesn’t care about my vision and just the product, but Reebok did.”


The Cardi B x Reebok partnership, which launched September 29,2022, features two styles: the Club C Cardi ($100) and the Cardi Coated Club C Double ($80). The two styles come in three different colors and are available in both women’s and children’s sizing. The Club C Cardi style sold out in the United States in 30 minutes.

“It boils down to two pieces: authenticity and shared values,” said Caroline Machen, Reebok’s Global VP of Marketing, about the ingredients for a successful partnership. “It can’t feel forced. Who Cardi is and what her fans love about her- those are the same values Reebok has. And the, it’s accepting and bringing that message forward into product.”