Just recently in the week the “TRAP” rapper popped up onto TikTok feeds everywhere with a video teasing some new music. His caption for the post is typical Big Kidd.

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“GOT UR FAV RAPPER SCARED” quoted with several emojis of blood and multiple hashtags containing the words “HOSTILE” and ‘SCARY”.

Of course, Big Kidd hasn’t been entirely silent since releasing a few projects this year. Last week, the rapper put up an Instagram story that his EP was “almost done” and that he’s got some new music on the way. While not much else is known about Big Kidd’s upcoming efforts, he does have some headlining shows taking place early on in March of 2023.


As of this writing, other details about his new EP have been kept hidden from the public, could the rapper be taking his time by beginning to explore more versatile routes with music or is he putting in some serious work with the flavoured technique he is already broadly known for?

The flavour that Big Kidd brings is unique and for this specific flavour you will have to harbour an acquired taste. Many people consider screaming to be noise rather than music, but this rapper embraced it and made it his signature.

Big Kidd produces and releases his own music, fusing heavy trap metal textures with perfect industrial low-end, frantic, hardcore and somehow just right vocals. At his shows, people mosh furiously. Given all this, If Big Kidd didn’t have the success he holds today, many people would think he was some intense bedroom-noise and a mysterious figure who posts snippets of raw sound online and maintains a studiously mysterious public image. But Big Kidd is also a rapper. Because these days, rappers can do all those things, including more.
The pioneered rapper is bringing something to Australian rap music that we have not seen in a very long time – controversy. Despite racking up millions of plays and views, The rapper rarely is covered by the media. Perhaps this is due to the brutish violence, a sound that hasn’t been heard before in Australia and abrasive energy he displays in all of his tracks. Despite all this, one thing is clear – The Rapper is bringing a new sound to his country and the rest of the rap scene.

The incredibly gritty image that he has made for himself allows him to occupy a very distinct table in the rap game, although that table is growing. His image is filled with anger, intimidation and contrasting-ness. All of which blend effectively with the music. Screamo rap itself has become a greater trend in hip hop, thanks to artists like XXXtentacion, Stitches, Zillakami and other pioneers of the genre. Evidently, despite the controversial nature of Big Kidd, he has proven that he can be successful. He has a quickly growing cult fanbase and is making waves in the underground community by doing what his talent thrives in. It seems he is focusing on creating a sound for himself, which has worked as seen by his incredibly loyal fanbase. The rapper has collaborated with big names because of his work ethic and talent, but yet as already mentioned received very little media coverage or exposure, making him a true Underground Underdog and a pioneer of Trap Metal within the Australian hip-hop and rap scene.