In collaboration with Bravado, Champion will release a limited-edition Beastie Boys capsule collection on Dec. 8 for fans. The Check Your Head capsule, will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Beastie Boys’ seminal album, containing artwork-inspired designs in traditional Champion silhouettes.

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Check Your Head, which achieved multi-platinum status, was the Beastie Boys’ first album to be entirely produced by Mario Caldato Jr. and their first to be recorded at their own G-Son studios in Los Angeles. At the same time, Champion came to represent the hip-hop scene that the Beastie Boys had so profoundly affected. Both enduring brands influenced fashion in the 1990s and are still popular today.

Prices range from $50-$100 and include:

  • Champion x Beastie Boys Hoodie $100 – Celebrate the Beastie Boys legacy with this hoodie. As cozy as it is cool, this is one piece that’ll see you through the season. Available in black and gray.
  • Champion x Beastie Boys Check Your Head Anniversary T-Shirt $50 – Blend music and style with this 30th anniversary Check Your Head t-shirt. Featuring the album’s cover art on the front, and the title on the back, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back into the 90s. Available in white and gray.
  • Champion x Beastie Boys Check Your Head Anniversary Sweatshirt $95 – Take things back to the 90s with this Beastie Boys sweatshirt. A seasonal staple and one you can wear year after year, pay homage to the iconic band. Available in black and gray.

You can see the pieces below.