The “First Wives Club” is back for another go around on BET+. This time around the cast take their relationships, drama and navigation of life to a tropical island. So far the season has had its fair share of plot twists, but what would it be without it?

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When Hazel (Jill Scott) Bree (Michelle Butea), and Jayla come together to celebrate Hazel’s wedding at a tropical paradise, the unexpected happens.

Hazel copes by throwing herself into work where she clashes with a newly empowered Regina; Bree takes on a new lust for life, diving headfirst into extreme adventure; and Jayla fights to prove herself at her new firm.


With old flames, new coworkers, shifting power dynamics, and one epic heist, the girls learn to navigate their feelings of loss to discover what’s really important to them.

Catch weekly episodes of the “First Wives Club” on BET + and check out the trailer below.