Written by: Keyanna Zorns

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We’ve all had moments where visual art has taken us on an amazing journey. Many people aren’t given the ability to translate words to movement, to take  a thought and make art from it. Visionary artist Monsee has that very special  gift and shares it with the world in many different ways. Growing up in  

Alexandria, Virginia Monsee realized at a young age that he had an interest in  art. Starting with just a sketch pad and pencil, he used visions to capture the  world around him. He drew inspiration from the simplest form of nature to the  


complex minds of Steve Jobs, Albert Enstein, and many more. As Monsee  grew up, his love for art advanced through high school and continued in  college where he double majored in Communications and Art & Design.  

After college, Monsee was able to make his dream come true and turn his  love for art into a very successful career. From working at the Smithsonian as  a digital imaging specialist, developing a logo for a NASCAR sponsor, to  designing, shooting, directing, and editing music videos for local musicians  and DJ’s. This lead to working with major record labels and mainstream artist  such as Travis Barker, who was the first mainstream artist Monsee directed a  video for. Monsee would go on to direct and edit dozens of music videos and  commercials. 

He started with designing album covers which led into directing. Photography became the skill that would help all his artistic worlds collide.  

Although Monsee’s resume is long and filled with big names and projects,  such as photos published in Forbes and on billboards in Times Square, to  even directing a video for Jojo Siwa, which has over a billion views. Monsee  feels that every project is special no matter how big or small the talent may  be. Being able to have prominent experiences that allow him to grow and  become better at his craft is what Monsee values most. Being extremely  grateful for all the talent he has worked with, he is even more grateful for the  experiences each project provides.  

Being multifaceted and spreading his work between many industries, Monsee’s catalog is extremely diverse and his many experiences have taught  him to expect the unexpected, but always be prepared. From having to be  able to create projects within 24hrs, constantly having to think on his toes  when variables change, learning how to direct a music video, communicating .

monsee wood pic 7 1

with the talent through a sign language translator, directing 40 kids while  keeping their attention, executing a magazine shoot with a 24 hour advance notice, working with ad agencies for design campaigns, and project  management overseeing a product from start to finish, his unique  experiences have given him the tools to create at a higher level. 

His many talents have allowed him to continue to elevate his artistry. He now  is the creative director for a major tech company while also building his own  brand, A Sleeping Giant. A Sleeping Giant is a brand he created for like  minded artists who continue to grow, encourage, and dream big with each  other in the visual arts world. After accomplishing so much, Monsee’s goal is to keep showcasing talents and wants to contribute to helping the next generation evolve. He wants to be known for his gift and not just another artist who works a lot.  

As we step into the new year we can expect Monsee to continue to inspire and work towards helping other artist dream big. As he shares his gift of  stimulating ones sense of sight we can look forward to new brands such as “Perfect” and “Detention again.” Monsee can be found on Instagram  @MonseeWorld.  

Monsee wood pic 2 1
Monsee wood pic 2 1