Many people may not be able to attend a concert to see their favorite artist. Among the possible reasons for this may be a lack of funds, poor transportation, fear of contracting Covid-19, introversion, and so on. Nevertheless, a new innovative way to achieve that dream has recently been developed. 

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Introducing Mozverse, the company aims to change how the world connects through live entertainment. With its headquarters in California, Mozverse is a technology company dedicated to providing the next generation of music, entertainment, and audience experience through its proprietary metaverse. The company’s core competency is developing virtual worlds, smart contracts, and digital asset marketplaces. In addition, the business has created five products to enable that transition.

According to Mozverse’s latest news, which they are excited to share with the community, the company has taken on a new initiative to radically modify how its audience engages with live entertainment worldwide in a manner never seen before. With its technology, everyone has a front-row seat. The company will allow users to attend any concert from the comfort of their homes, thus giving them the pleasure of seeing and hearing the concert and the impression that they were part of the audience on the night. 


Artists and performers can communicate with their fans more conveniently thanks to this interactive experience. For musicians, traveling around the world to interact with their fans can be physically and mentally exhausting. However, this new invention will save them both time and money. Furthermore, Mozverse’s new plan allows you to enjoy performances from anywhere worldwide since geographic borders do not apply. Globally, there is an expectation that the revenue generated by music will reach $131 billion by 2030, making this a tremendous development in the Web3 industry, according to Goldman Sachs.

Thus, Mozverse has been working to ensure that these performances are powered by its CEO/Founder, Danny Mozlin, and Co-Founder/Chief Evangelist Zach Hirsch. Aside from these efforts, the team is also collaborating with legendary producer, Scott Storch, to help artists of all sizes achieve global recognition and promote their work on a global scale.

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Music producer Scott Storch, Danny Mozlin, and Zach Hirsch. Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports 

Regardless of the number of opportunities presented, there is always one that elicits a different reaction. As Scott Storch expressed his excitement about his partnership with Mozverse, he said, “I’ve been approached by so many Web3 and Metaverse projects, but I chose Mozverse because I only want to work with the best.”

Mozverse has already achieved one of the highest honors in the business world, having been named a winner of the Inc. 2022 Best in Business Award in the blockchain industry in less than two years. Best in Business Awards recognize businesses that have excelled in their fields and made a significant cultural and social impact. 

Furthermore, Inc.’s list, found in the Winter issue of the Inc. magazine, is one of the most prestigious examples of a company’s impact on its community, industry, the environment, or society at large. It also recognizes companies of all sizes and sectors that have permeated every aspect of life, be it on one hand or the other. The Mozverse project is an excellent example of how technology products were developed by a collaboration of engineers from Mozverse in the U.S. and Ukraine despite the ongoing war between the two countries.

 “I’m really honored we were one of the winners of Inc Magazine Best in Business Awards,” says Hirsch.  “I didn’t expect us to win when I filled out the application and I’m so happy for all of the development team here, and our team in Ukraine, to get the recognition they deserve.  It’s a very competitive space and to beat out so many great projects is validation for all the hard work last year and motivation to take it to another level in 2023.”