Tony Hawk joins Pharrell Williams and the OTHERtone Radio crew to discuss the history of skate culture, the importance of loving the sport through injury, and how skateboarding can teach about life and overcoming difficult circumstances. 

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Hawk explains how skating is no longer exclusive to one area like back when he started skating, saying,  “There is incredible talent in the most unlikely places now, and it’s really cool to see because the playing field is leveled and it’s way more inclusive. You don’t have to live in… For sure back then, you had to live in California, if not Southern California to make a name for yourself because that’s where the magazines and the companies were, and they weren’t sending their photographers out to Kansas or wherever else to cover people. A lot of people did do that. They actually moved out here. But nowadays, not at all. I mean, you can just be in a random place and as long as you’re producing sick skate footage and content, you can make it.”

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