Playboy has announced the official launch of their newest solo owned-and-operated denim endeavor. The line will feature 18 pieces in styles such as skinny, low-rise skater, high-rise, wide leg, flare jeans, straight jeans and others. Spanning both men’s and women’s wear, the styles come in washes including black waxed, camouflage print, pink stone wash and classic blue denim and are designed with Playboy’s well-known bunny logo. 

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Though this is Playboy’s first solo denim launch, this collection follows the launch of their solo lingerie brand earlier this year. Previously, they have joined forces with retailers such as Amiri, Pleasures, Supreme, Pacsun and various others. The classic fabric staple known as a must-have in many closets coupled with the legacy of Playboy, presents a solid pairing. 

Ashley Kechter, group president of global consumer products at PLBY Group Inc., Playboy’s parent company said, “We’ve seen strong demand for Playboy-branded denim through our licensing collaborations and we’re excited to launch Playboy’s first owned-and-operated denim line in time for the holiday season. We look forward to continued expansion of our owned-and-operated business and will leverage these new product lines across the Playboy ecosystem, including through our robust creator network.” 

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Fashion’s evolution is all encompassing of the ecosystem that surrounds it. In order to stay suitable for new generations modern takes are necessary.  PLBY Group Inc. vice president of design Jason Mahler said, “We have utilized the recognizable brand codes of the Rabbit Head and Masthead logos — interpreting them, for a modern customer, through custom rivets and leather jacrons, embellished graphics, patches and prints.” 

As denim taps into the nostalgia of past style eras, it leaves room for innovation as the fashion gift that just keeps on giving. With an emphasis on adding value through quality and fit, the garment assortment is intended to merge heritage and coolness. 

Playboy’s denim offerings are available on the Playboy website and range in price from $80 to $110.

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