TMZ caught up with West Coast rap legend Xzibit as he prepared for the release of his final album. During the interview, Xzibit shared some words of wisdom with the younger generations of rappers.

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“Leave it better than the way you found it,” Xzibit said when asked what advice he would give younger artists. “And take care of each other. Love each other, man. I mean, life is short; don’t make it shorter.”

When asked about his seventh and final forthcoming project, Xzibit said that he still plans on making music, but he’s focusing on putting together a “body of work” that he could tour with.


“Imma still do music,” he explained. “It’s just about me putting together a body of work that I have to go tour… It’s time to spend time with my family and spend time with the people who really support me and love me. Not saying that my fans don’t love me. But I really feel like this is time for me to spend my time wisely.”

TMZ had caught up with Xzibit shortly after he had assisted with the non-profit Humanity Heroes Foundation, which gave away 10K “Humanity Packs,” which contained essential first aid and safety items for the homeless on Los Angeles’s Skid Row.

“There’s a lot of people who are hurting right now and a lot of people who just go without, and so we’re going our part here with humanity heroes putting together these backpacks, this is my second year doing it,
Xzibit said after being asked what brought him out to volunteer. “We did about 7k last year, but now we’re doing 10k. the need keeps growing so it’s a great org to be partnered with.”

Xzibit added that his efforts are “a small drop in the bucket, but we do what we can.”

You can watch the full clip below.