Gangsta rap pioneer and Compton native DJ Quik believes that with the reception he’s received from the fans as well as the consistency of his sometimes underrated career over the decades, that his success should match or at least rival that of the other Compton gangsta rap pioneer and producer, Dr. Dre.

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The Doctor’s admittance on the Forbes’ lists, had his own Super Bowl halftime show and has been the subject of a feature film are the main reasons why Quik feels like he’s been slighted in the industry.

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“This doesn’t need to be on a podcast. Because you have fire starters, who want to spin everything to get more ratings,” he wrote. “But the truth is: I love Dr. Dre, like a big brother, one I never had. It pains me when people pit us against each other.”


Quik calls his lack of recognition “unfair” and blames the music industry “machine” for stunting his visibility as a recording artist.

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