Dancehall pioneer Sizzla took his anger with DJ Khaled out on the commemorative platinum plaques given to all of the contributors to Khaled’s Father Of Asahd album and burned the plaques to ashes.

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On Thursday, Sizzla jumped online with several. Of his comrades to call out Khaled for his violation, calling the world-famous producer a devil and saying that the print of Sizzla’s name was too small and disrespectful towards the island of Jamaica.

Some online onlookers said that Sizzla went too far, but a few added that for Sizzla to go public with the issue, it must’ve been something serious, as Sizzla is not an artist that would pull a prank for exposure.


Sizzla appears on the very first track of both Khaled’s “Grateful” and “Father Of Asahd” albums and is featured on this year’s blockbuster “GOD DID” as well.