Adidas Basketball is broadening their reach into luxury sportswear apparel with the unveiling of its ‘The 2023 Collection: Chapter 01’. 

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This collection marks the beginning of the brand’s series of premium offerings and features luxury sportswear designed to deliver “style versatility – on and beyond the court.” This includes premium sweats, track pants, sleeveless shirts, and shorts in a muted palette.

Adidas Basketball’s latest film ‘Remember The Why’ highlights how Adidas prides itself on upholding “the Three Stripes’ revolutionary spirit and strips away the excess with a refreshing new palette for the game.”

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Distractions are a part of everyday life. From scrolling on handheld devices to the stress of cynics trying to knock us off our game, daily intrusions are embedded all throughout routines. Adidas writes, “We look for a way to reset; to find a little silence and focus on what matters most. In reality, it’s a journey spent rediscovering the moment we first found our Why—the reason we were inspired to begin with. It’s this spirit that drives the next chapter of adidas Basketball. Crafted to serve the modern athlete while building on pillars of the past, the new collection establishes its versatility by focusing on the essentials: form, function and color.” Eric Wise, Adidas Basketball’s global general manager, advocates the importance of connecting back with the source of passion that inspired us to do what we love in the first place. 

This collection transcends the scope of basketball as it reaches into the heart of all that basketball touches. Fashion, music and culture are all watered by the devotion found out on the hardwood. Adidas’ press release says, “In many ways, basketball has been a cultural catalyst on a global scale for over half a century; the lines between on-court performance and off-court style are blurred now more than ever.” This collection rests at the intersection of possibility. Modern design selections from colorways to oversized fit, all embrace the communities we each individually influence. 

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The ‘2023 Collection: Chapter 01’ offers time tested silhouettes  launching in ‘halo green,’ ‘metal grey’ and ‘cloud white’. It is available for purchase on the Confirmed App and at, with prices ranging from $35 to $90 US dollars.

Chapter 01: Remember The Why by Adidas